Hotspots Gallipoli

Hotspots Gallipoli

The great thing about Italy is that the food is generally good everywhere. You never have to search far for a nice restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. There’s an abundance of hotspots. The same goes for Gallipoli. Gallipoli is divided into the old and new parts, and it’s in the new part where you’ll find plenty of charming and cozy eateries. Today, we’re sharing our favorite Gallipoli hotspots:

AMU Fish Restaurant & Store

For all the culinary hotspot seekers out there, AMU is not only our favorite hotspot in Gallipoli, but perhaps of the entire trip. We actually stumbled upon AMU Fish Restaurant by chance (often the best discoveries), and I was instantly captivated. Everything about it is perfect! The interior, the amazing view, the welcoming staff, and of course, the food. In my book, AMU definitely deserves a perfect score. And I’m not alone in this opinion – on Google, the restaurant has an impressive rating of 4.8! That’s truly rare.
AMU is located by the water, offering a spectacular view of the sea. The restaurant has a fresh and classy atmosphere, while the prices are surprisingly friendly. The menu mainly consists of seafood dishes, but there are also options available for vegetarians and meat lovers. I opted for a vegetarian pasta, while Leroy chose the salmon. Both dishes were absolutely fantastic.

When you dine here, make sure to step inside as well. The restaurant has a charming interior, and if you sit upstairs, you might even enjoy an even better view than outside.

If you’re in Gallipoli, please make sure to visit this place! You won’t regret it. It’s definitely a Foedsie favorite!

hotspots Gallipoli
hotspots Gallipoli

La Vecchia Caserma

La Vecchia Caserma is also a place we stumbled upon in a hidden alley. It has a small outdoor terrace and a cozy interior seating area. We were greeted with great kindness and the food was truly delicious. I tried a local dish here, the Oriechettie La rapa. Pasta with turnip greens, and oh boy, it was incredibly tasty.

Another great thing about this restaurant is that it opens before 7 pm. So if you’re feeling hungry early, this is the place to be.

Laboratori Urbani

After dropping off our laundry at the laundromat, we quickly searched for a nice place to sit. We passed by Laboratori Urbani and it looked so charming that we decided to give it a try.

Laboratori Urban is a trendy coffee shop located in the new part of Gallipoli, along the main road of the city. You can sit both indoors and outdoors. The menu offers delicious breakfast options, sandwiches, and various tasty snacks, which is not very common in Italy. We received a recommendation for their savory French toasts with bacon and cheese, and let me tell you, they were absolutely amazing. They were so good that Leroy went back for another serving later on.

You can visit this place throughout the day, from trendy breakfasts in the morning to the tastiest cocktails late in the evening.

hotspots Gallipoli
hotspots Gallipoli


After a few weeks in Italy and having a hundred pastas ;p, sometimes you crave something different. That’s when Brass’ is the place to be! Here, you can order delicious burgers and sandwiches. From pulled pork sandwiches to tacos. One downside is that Brass’ is only open on weekends. At least, that was the case when we were there.

More Gallipoli Hotspots:

  • L’Angolo Blu: Recommended by a local from Gallipoli. They say the food here is really tasty, but it can be a bit touristy and a bit pricey.
  • Baguetteria De Pace: Closed in the low season, but apparently you can get extremely delicious sandwiches here.
  • Agatha Amore dal Mare: Beautiful terrace in the heart of the old town of Gallipoli.
  • OSTERIA SANT’ANGELO: For the tastiest local dishes.
  • Yellow Scapece: Fine dining with a great view.
  • Da Clara: Beautiful restaurant with many local dishes.
  • La Pagnottella: If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, this is the place to go.

Avoid These Places!

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend Martinucci Laboratory Gallipoli Centro Storico. We decided to have a small aperitivo there in the afternoon, but it turned out to be a bad idea as we both didn’t feel well afterwards. Additionally, the staff was extremely unfriendly. We also sat at Ristorante 91 NORI during sunset because they had a beautiful view. I ordered an Aperol Spritz which was served in a broken wine glass with about 10 fruit flies in it. Not a very pleasant drink.v

Wie is (er) Foedsie? Desi, Leroy en Buddha zijn vaak Foetsie en altijd op zoek naar food. Reis met ons mee naar de leukste bestemmingen & lekkerste hotspots.


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2 reacties op “Hotspots Gallipoli”

  1. Carolina schreef:

    Naar aanleiding van jullie enthousiaste verhalen over AMU in Gallipoli, ben ik daar gaan eten. Niet alleen de duurste, ook de minst lekkere in Puglia tot nu toe. Mag van mij van de lijst af! De espresso is het lekkerste hier…….

    • Desi schreef:

      Hi Carolina, wat jammer om te horen. Toen wij er waren was het eten echt heel goed. Misschien van kok veranderd. Heel goedkoop waren ze inderdaad niet. Mocht je zelf nog leuke tips hebben, dan hoor ikz graag ☺️

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Vaak Foetsie en een beetje een foodie. Dat ben ik in een notendop. Het liefst ben ik zoveel mogelijk weg, op reis, de wereld aan het ontdekken. Dit doe ik niet alleen, maar samen met mijn grote liefde (bijna man) en heel af en toe onze lieve, oude, brompot van een mopshond. Maar ook met vrienden en familie natuurlijk. Van duiken tot het beklimmen van gigantische bergen, eten aan straat tot luxe villa’s, van helemaal niks doen tot blaren onder onze voeten lopen.